Now a days a lot of start up businesses are launched all over the world everyday. Apart from start ups, many small and medium size businesses too require investment for growth. We believe in investing smartly and get the best return on our investment.

Whom do we invest with?

We invest with IT start ups, small and medium size IT companies.

What is the process of investment?

We welcome investment applications from small and medium size IT companies every quarter. We sort list the applications and have a 3rd party portfolio audit of selected candidates. We finalize candidates, investment process, investment amounts and investment cycles depending on audit reports.

What is the process of implementation?

We provide both short term and long term investments. We also provide both passive and active investment. Under passive investment, we remain as silent partner and do not active part in company management. All we expect is certain return on investment over the decided investment period. Under active investment, we work as an active partner and we work actively for company operations.

Our motto for investment is

Invest, Improve & Exit.