Our Process

Our process

Our work process is aligned to provide best quality, simple to use and easy to manage business solutions to our clients. We follow a complete SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) for all of our projects which includes:

Requirements Analysis

The first step you need to take is to reach out to us by any means of communication as mentioned on contact us page with your ideas or concept. You can also book a one hour call with our sales executive to explain your requirements. We facilitate our clients with Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA) if the idea or concept of the product is required to be kept closed. Our team will analyze your requirements, do needful market research of similar products and also provide you free consultation for all the features you may need in your software product to make it a great solution. The final result of this stage will be modules & features listing and technology stacks finalization.

Obligation Free Quotation

The next step is to estimate the efforts and provide you with a completely obligation free quotation for your software product development. This stage will finalize the delivery milestones, efforts and resource requirement of each milestone and cost of each milestone. We provide both fixed cost as well as time & material model for software development.

Agile Software Development

The next step is to to develop the software project / product. We follow Agile methodology for software development, which builds the product milestone by milestone. A team assigned to the project comprises of software developers of required technologies, a team leader and a project manager. While the software developers will work in coordination with each other towards milestone goals, the team leader will ensure that the team remains aligned to the goals and will handle all the technical challenges. The project manager will keep a bird view on overall progress, scope management, quality management and day to day goal achievements. He will also manage the team coordination as well as the client communication. We use project management tools like Basecamp, Freedcamp, Slack and Jira to manage the The client gets a regular update over emails as well as the project management tool we use. The project manager remains available all the time for any quick chat over Skype, Whatsapp or Slack. The project is backed by parallel documentation. We maintain a separate development environment which keeps day to day development versions of the project.

Detailed Quality Assurance

Each feature, module and milestone is subjected to detailed quality assurance. We allocate dedicated QA Engineer to each project who is responsible for quality assurance. Over the years, we have developed quite a good checklists of general software features and our developers and QA Engineers are well trained to implement first time right strategy. We maintain a separate QA environment which keeps the QA versions and relatively stable builds of the project.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Once the QA is passed, we provide the milestone delivery to our clients over a separate UAT environment with a very stable build. Client will run all the needful testing and check the milestone from the user acceptance point of view. Once the client feedback are handled, the next sprint / milestone will be subjected to the same process of software development, QA and UAT. Once all the sprints / milestones are completed, the we and client will jointly run a comprehensive UAT of the project and finalize it.

Robust Deployment

Once the product passes comprehensive UAT, the next step is production deployment which will launch the product to end users. Over the years, we have developed detailed checklists and processes to be followed for deployment to be robust and first time right. We maintain all the history and backup of all the deployed versions so that the customers can expand, improve or even revert back to any of previous version quite easily.

Maintenance & Support

Once the project / product is launched, we provide regular maintenance and support. The first 3 months maintenance and support are completely free which includes any bug over the scope, server monitoring, server maintenance, backup management and upgrades. We also provide regular maintenance and support under Service Level Agreement (SLA), through which our customers can avail regular server checkups, data backups, log files cleanups, bug solution and server monitoring.

Expansion & Improvements

Once the product is launched, we keep on looking for expansion and improvements. We monitor the usage of all the product features and provide free consultation for expansion and improvements of all the needful modules. We implement this through the same process as above and as a result the product keeps on evolving flawlessly without disturbing existing customers.