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We respect your privacy

As a responsible and genuine software services provider, maintaining the privacy of our customers and their information is our prime work ethic. We understand that a software project development needs certain internal and vital information sharing. We understand the privacy requirement and seriousness of the shared information and hence we respect the privacy of our customers with the best practices.

What do we cover under privacy policy?

We cover all the client information under our privacy policy. Such information include (but does not only limit to): Client personal details, Client contact details, Project concept, Project details, End user details etc.

How do we implement the privacy policy?

We implement the privacy policy through signing Non-Disclosure-Agreements (NDAs) and copyrights with our customers through which information sharing and reproduction are controlled as per agreed terms and conditions.

Information sharing

We share the client & project details and reuse & reproduction of the projects only on written consent from our customers.